Business isn’t usual

Great Northern Landscapes is a Sherwood Park based, full service landscaping outfit. They serve the greater Edmonton area and have been in business for two years. Brandon is the owner and he approached us about building him a brand, website and doing some social media strategizing and content management in order to reach a market he wanted to target.

Branding, branding, branding.

The Branding was the first point of conversation with Great Northern Landscaping. We wanted to keep things simple and timeless. After a few rounds of sketches and proofs, we landed on this logo. It uses the negative space to illustrate a tree. The tree is a Spruce because they’re more typically found in northern climates.

The second level of their brand is the mountains/ aurora. This piece drives home the “northern” in Great Northern Landscaping. The logo was crafted alongside the client, with their intentions and needs addressed. We’re happy with how it turned out.


The GN website is a simple one-page layout. Nothing too complicated. We built it using the WordPress CMS, and handed it over to the client. They now maintain it, updating it regularly with pricing and images. They have seen a significant increase in business from the site, and will likely expand their services as they grow.

Social media accounts are an integral piece of their marketing. Brandon regularly posts to Instagram to keep his clients, potential clients and friends up to date with his business.

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The Results

Our efforts to build the appropriate brand and showcase the services that Great Northern Landscapes offers has helped grow the business.

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