Top Construction Trends for 2019 & Beyond

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Here is a list of some of the key Construction Industry trends currently developing in Alberta

Drone Usage
– The use of drones to map out construction sites is becoming more prevalent by the day. We see this playing a major role in the coming years for all major construction sites.

Environmental Responsibility
– The majority of large scale construction jobs have a component which includes environmental sustainability. General contractors and their subs must keep this top of mind while bidding on jobs now and in the future. The Alberta Roadbuilders even have a newer award called the “Environmental Management Practice Award.” The industry is finally doing a better job “showing off” how environmentally friendly the Alberta Construction industry is.

Artificial Intelligence –
– The manufacturers continue to build smarter and more reliable technology and features directly into the machines. Graders that can auto sense slope. Excavators that auto-stop the dig depth or restrict boom-height. Fully autonomous haul trucks on mining sites. AI is beginning to creep into the industry and take a foothold!

Safety –
– The safety aspect of the jobsite is always an increasing concern, as now companies are shooting for a “zero-tolerance” type rule. Most reputable construction organizations will boast about there current record of man-hours LTI free.

Internet of Things (IOT) – The Internet of Things will help various areas on and off the jobsite. Including efficiencies with organizational processes, data transfer (from machine to machine, and equipment back to head office) and machine control-ability just to name a few.

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