In The Beginning:   Your Social Media Optimization Voyage (SMO Blog Series)

Today I will touch on the starting points in the world of Social Media Optimization (SMO). It is critical you understand from the onset how to properly set up and maintain your various Social Media accounts, and which networks and site are best for your specific business.

This blog will be a broad, 10,000 foot view of the key social networking sites. In future articles we will ensure to walk-thru some specific pointers on everything from setting up your profile to best practices & campaign on each of the top sites.

I trust everyone reading this blog has a base understanding of the major players. But it’s a good idea to breakdown each of the 5 main sites, along with provide you some stats/numbers of the top 15 sites. This will help shape your opinion of which sites you feel are vital for your specific organization.


The Granddaddy of them all, and usually the most critical when it comes to Social Media. Here are the numbers behind Facebook (numbers found on In Q2 of 2018, Facebook had over 2.2 billion monthly active users. Compare this to 2008 when they had 100 million monthly active users, and you’ll see the amazing growth the company has found over the past 10 years. As a business, this shows the importance of having a strong Facebook presence, and being actively involved on the site to ensure proper reach. An important note, when creating a Facebook profile, Facebook Pages are for businesses. Facebook Terms & Conditions are fairly specific in eliminating commercial promotion on personal profiles.


The next giant when it comes to monthly active users, YouTube is an amazing (and affordable) way to advertise your organization’s video content. A company can approach YouTube with a double-headed attack.  First of all, the obvious paid advertisement videos that are inserted at the beginning by producing quality content that is liked and commented (similar setup and ranking system to Facebook).


As I mentioned in a previous blog, Instagram has now passed the 1 billion monthly active user mark. Making it the 3rd most viewed social site, only behind Facebook and YouTube. I found an online graph that I’ve included at the end of this blog for your review. Another important social site for any company to be involved with, a few times per week minimum, to ensure relevancy. The enormous amount of active monthly users directed towards Instagram makes it a vital part of your marketing strategy.


Twitter is another very crucial networking site for most companies to be involved with. One of the main challenges with Twitter is ensuring you keep up with daily posts. Many average people now use Twitter as they’re key source of breaking news, so it’s a solid business plan to be relevant on this site.


LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking site. When utilized efficiently, LinkedIn is a great resource for most organizations. No, LinkedIn does not carry the weight in sheer Monthly Active User numbers. But it’s still important for most companies to be involved in. Even if it only garners your attention a few times per month, being on the site should still eventually be a part of your total Social Media Optimization plan.

Graph of Top 15 Social Networking Sites in the World –

Social network Monthly Active Users 2,230,000,000 1,900,000,000 1,000,000,000 563,000,000 376,000,000 336,000,000 330,000,000 200,000,000 160,000,000 115,000,000 112,000,000 111,000,000 106,000,000 97,000,000 71,000,000 35,300,000

To summarize – There are many different options to begin your Social Media Optimization journey. The most important step is to begin somewhere. Please email, call or text us today for a free consultation.

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