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When West Ridge Contracting initially came to Construct, they were unsure what they needed. Brand Development was a key for them, but were not sure where to start.  Our ownership group wanted to ensure we built West Ridge’s branding with a strong foundation.
With this in mind, Construct set out develop a brand for the West Ridge team. We ensured to spend the proper amount of time with their team. Asking questions to learn about their everyday operations, target customer base, and future growth plans. It was a great process to be a part of, and really dig deep into each team members future goals.
Armed with this information, Construct Marketing began to build a tailor-made plan. A plan that ensures West Ridge will not outgrow their branding, but simultaneously not overstretch their current needs or budget.
The finished product was a logo and branding strategy that West Ridge can build off of for the years to come. The ownership group at West Ridge truly understood the value of starting with a solid base, to ensure a well-built finished product. We at Construct look forward to continuing consulting with them in the future.
Please consider Construct Marketing for your next brand development project. We also offer additional marketing solutions for your business. Thanks for reading, and we look forward to hearing from you!
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